Eleventy Twelve returns with the creepiest holidays and how utopia is just a youth vote away.

Today Aaron Templer and Jared Ewy return to the studio for a vibrant exchange on the following (organized conveniently by time:)

00 – 2:40 This is just a self-congratulatory intro of two guys celebrating that someone is producing the show for them. And a man stain.

2:40 – 5:00 The necessary pimpage of people and their upcoming shows. Our producer, Zach, will be at the Larimer Lounge on 11/29.

5:00 – 9:15 We vote. And we discuss the vote; this labyrinthian ballot of so many decisions. But we’re shooting for utopia, or at least a pancake breakfast. Pancakes of knowledge, people. Pancakes of knowledge!!

17:00 – 25:00 Kyle Zeppelin is one of those guys you know even if you didn’t know you knew him. He’s that rebel developer who is building for the future and sustainability, and not just profit. Aaron takes us on a brief tour of what happens when special interests get special access, and Denver’s developer  scene is a perfect example of the voter’s interests quickly skewed by big money.

25:00 – end There’s no sane person who, after a brief synopsis of the holiday, could not agree that Easter is creepy. But what about Halloween? Is it overdone? Is there too much Halloween? One parent says yes.


Denver parks, I-70, and cute boxes

The Denver podcast keeping you informed since around 2016.

i70 in denver

Today we have much to discuss including Denver parks, local events, frightening your boss and riding moose. This podcast is mostly about Denver, but occasionally it’s about the tiny details that make our timeline on this rock even more interesting. Please enjoy the following timeline:

00:00 – 02:00 Disparaging Aaron.

02:00 – 3:50 Gigs. The gigs that we’re gigging. Including events for IOS and Android developers.

03:50 – 06:50 Boxes. We love cute boxes. Boxy things where we can put stuff.

06:50 – 09:00 More gigs including Write Club.

09:20 – 14:20 Google YouTube people give us a call about scaring people. You have to listen.

14:30 – 19:40 Hot Take #1: John talks parks and RiNo and painting barrels.

19:40 – 21:30 Englewood’s new surf park on the Platte. Would you get into the Platte?

21:30 – 24:40 Hot take #3: The battle over I-70 and flooding. And fairies.

24:40 – 26:00 A hot take for Noel Worden.

26:00 – end Walden needs people to attend a meeting, tennis courts. And an awkward exit.

here’s that Whole Foods Parking lot video from Cherry Creek.

Fighting the good fight


This episode is a joyful reunion of a basement full of white guys who haven’t podcast together in some time. You’ll catch this infectious enthusiasm with conversations regarding:

00:00 – 06:20 The A Line train in Denver isn’t quite world class.

06:40 – 17:20 Plugging events leads to Comedy Works, Coors Field and social anxieties at conferences.

17:25 – 30:10 Trouble in RiNo, gentrification transients, and we are firmly behind Joe’s Liquors. WE ARE COMING FOR YOU  DENVER CENTRAL MARKET

30:10 – We start with a serial killer and end up on LinkedIn. Not the first time.



Denver hot takes and the amazing story of the stolen bike

Today we discuss the latest in Denver and Englewood before engaging in one of the most inspiring stories every told. Someone stole Evan’s bike. His dad was determined to get it back. It’s the story of a Denver dude who finds himself in his own sting operation to get back a bike. It’s awesome and really quite informative.

Screen Shot 2017-06-07 at 3.38.02 PM

If you’ve ever had a bike stolen then you know the futility of ever getting it back. We talk to a Denver guy who defied the odds and ended up in a small sting operation in Commerce City to get his son’s bike. It’s informative and quite entertaining and starts at 15:20.

Other features include: 

Nameless fan in the wild – 03:20

Hot take: Ballpark Neighborhood Park controversy – 04:20

Hot take 2: Tiny homes for homeless – 08:00

Hot take 3: Mall ride obliterates pleasant Meet in the Street – 09:20

DUI Bikes in Englewood – 11:20


The fall of Rome will be live streamed


In a small, yawning panic we didn’t know what to talk about, so we decided to straight-up bullet point and cover all the latest in Denver one, convenient, podcast-listening step at a time:

00:00 – 04:40 We discuss Aaron’s terrible disease and lean on our bullets. These are big bullets.

05:08 – 06:30 Tony Romos is better than Olive Garden

06:30 – 19:40 Is it OK that Denver just got an F in short-term rentals? Air BnB stories ensue. And ghost vacuums suck.

19:50 – End We have bipartisan support people! Colorado’s infrastructure depends on it.