Things To Do In Denver When You’re Not Dead


It’s the episode that we’ve threatened to do: find a newcomer to Denver and see how we can help them acclimate. Today, we talk to Nicholas Young. He’s just moved his family out here from Chicago. We share our Denver advice on everything from fashion to beer. You may want to chime about any place you think we’ve fallen short. Continue reading “Things To Do In Denver When You’re Not Dead”

Denver Gentrification (and other white contributions)


Here it is: THE interview with John Wilker, who you know as the hilarious organizer of events. He brought Ignite to Denver and has since buried himself in the issues of Denver’s growth and the debate around gentrification. We talk to him about: Continue reading “Denver Gentrification (and other white contributions)”

What are we complaining about

Today it’s the kind of podcast that we hope opens eyes and inspires hugs. Let’s get this started:

00:00 – 04:00 — We begin the evolution of an actual show introduction. We have dozens of subscribers so it’s time to go pro. Oh, and Apple computers and terrible improv etiquette.

04:03 – 06:00 — Local fracking bans are banned.

06:10 – 12:02 — Obama and the N word.

12:15 – 15:29 — Dear Somalian.

15:29 – 16:50 — No more brunch. Please.

17:45 – 25:00 — Don’t drink and emcee.

25:00 – 26:00 — SF1 is going Gothic.