What are we complaining about

Today it’s the kind of podcast that we hope opens eyes and inspires hugs. Let’s get this started:

00:00 – 04:00 — We begin the evolution of an actual show introduction. We have dozens of subscribers so it’s time to go pro. Oh, and Apple computers and terrible improv etiquette.

04:03 – 06:00 — Local fracking bans are banned.

06:10 – 12:02 — Obama and the N word.

12:15 – 15:29 — Dear Somalian.

15:29 – 16:50 — No more brunch. Please.

17:45 – 25:00 — Don’t drink and emcee.

25:00 – 26:00 — SF1 is going Gothic.

Don’t Blink. You’ll Miss It.


Today we bring you yet another cornucopia of audio enlightenment. We had thought we’d lost a fixture of the Denver community, but it turns out he was already gone. From there we gather ourselves and get through this thing called life (or in this case, a podcast.)

0:00 – 2:44 Blinky will never truly die, the warm feels of the greenhouse effect, and let’s talk Prince.

3:08 – 7:00 Aaron does a rare Templer Tantrum about Prince and the industry formerly known as solvent.

7:10 – 11:45 In Denver you can get totally stoned and then a train will cart you to the airport. The future is now.

12:00 – 13:50 Just some insider audio into the making of a great podcast. And this one. That actor’s name is Eric Bogosian.

14:00 – 15:40 Thank you, Scott. #knife

15:50 – An event so amazing that this should have gone at the front. www.recess.live

Can’t Let It Go


And now we talk about how last week wasn’t a bigger deal. It’s huge, it’s weird, it’s creepy…it has all the trappings of a WB show so we have no idea how you’re not talking about it.

00:00 – 8:35 – My dad was in an orgy and my mom had to tell me about it.

9:00 – 13:10 – This where we discuss the beauty of women, the creepiness of men, and the magic of motherhood. Mothers should get cash tips by random passersby.

13:30 – 17:10 – Taxes. Did you get them done? Or did someone do them for you? Like the Russian mafia, for example.

17:20 – 20:23 – People in Denver going blizzard crazy at King Soopers.

20:30 – end – Aaron has made an important announcement on Craigslist.

Peeping on Colfax


We’re back after a painful two-week hiatus. We hope you were able to listen to some of the older shows to keep you company. But what a time to return to the mic. Denver is in the national spotlight and it’s weirder than ever. We’ll get to that.

But first:

00:00 – 2:45 – We open things with warm remarks and a peeping tease.

03:10 – 5:25 – We start talking about Denver traffic but it’s too depressing so we move into weird traffic/car-related anecdotes.

05:25 – 10:20 – Now these are some funny traffic/car-related stories.

10:20 – end – This is the craziest and perhaps creepiest Denver news story since Alferd Packer. Take a listen to the life of Gerald Foos and the Manor Hotel on Colfax. We hope you didn’t stay there between 1969 and 1995.

The Denver Millennials Apocalypse


It is Episode 12 and this one falls into the Millennial trap by where two older people talk a lot about the mysteries of people not so unlike themselves. Or are they?

Listener Warning: You’re going to hear portions of the show where we actually stand up for Millennials.

00:00 – 03:16 We talk to a popular local musician who doesn’t want to talk about himself. We should embrace this paradox by making him even more popular. Vote for Aaron Templer’s band SF1 here: http://musicshowcase2016poll.westword.com/

03:35 – 14:02 Homelessness, rich kids and WTF? We share insights on a wave of successful people raising our rents but, in turn, making Denver one of the hottest cities in the world.

14:02 – The end SXSW and the rise of douchebaggery. Or is it?

The recent Denver homeless challenge


This is the groundbreaking Episode 11 where we test the effusive properties of Miller Light tallboys. Spoiler: strong.

We have a guest, and not just any guest, but Cathy Alderman from the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless who gives meaningful depth and solutions to homelessness in Denver (and beyond.) Hint: It involves treating fellow humans like fellow humans.

00:00 – 04:48 — Fatherhood. It’s more difficult than it looks. As are three-letter last names.

05:20 – 13:40 — The most amazing coincidence in this rabid world.

13:55 – end — Cathy Alderman, VP of Communications and Public Policy, Colorado Coalition for the Homeless, puts her path to the White House on turbo by joining us to discuss how to change our community for the better. She’s good. We’re giddy. You’re informed.

You Can’t Lead A Thought


00:00 – 03:38 An introduction to our Denver Podcast and of course brief unveiling of our mechanical soul. #ThoughtLeader

03:50 – 10:20 It seemed an open and shut case: let people buy booze at grocery stores. But then the local liquor stores bring up a pretty good point. You may want to crack open a beverage for this one. *****Nostalgia Warning: 3.2 beer sales for high school seniors.******

10:30 – 16:30 Don’t get this guy a common, universal symbol of joy. Nena could be a German terrorist (veiled balloon joke; you have to listen to get it.)

16:35 – 21:40 We bring in Baader-Meinhof to discuss something like an M. Night Shyamalan phenomenon: are we seeing more stoned people? Not something to be paranoid about, stoned people, but you’re either everywhere or it’s all in our head.

21:40 – The end. A bet is placed on next week’s subscriber count.

No (Apu) Filter



All our podcasts are the approximate length of the average Denver commute, so we’re counting on you being captive for the entire thing. If you want to be a smarter, more enlightened person then you should listen. Seriously, you’ll be better for it.

00:00 – 3:36 – Where we intro this beauty and discuss the throngs of people listening. It’s more fun than that really competitive guy who’d injure your grandmother during croquet.

4:10 – 9:30 – What in the heck is a Caucus?

9:45 – 12:50 – Bernie. Hillary. Who will it be? And, of course, Trump.

12:52 – 14:30 – Important political addendum WITH JINGLE

14:40 – Sit back and get lit. Like illuminated lit. You can get drink lit, too, unless you’re part of the commute. But you’re going to want to hear our first ever guest, Neeti Pawar, turn our white world on it’s pasty head.

Labeling is Wrong


0:00 – 2:00 – Elongated intro with another reason we shouldn’t label people

2:00 – 12:15 – Actual interesting conversation about Antonin Scalia and what not replacing him actually means.

– interstitial piece about Paco –

13:25 – 21:30 – An actual segment: Templer Tantrum. Hint: it’s about Peyton Manning.

21:30 – end – Valentines Day. You’re not alone.