Biker gangs and wife listening in Denver



1:48 We discuss the Denver Biker Gang shooting and just how weird it is that there are adults in motorbike clubs.
5:33 How do you handle getting caught not listening to your spouse? Inquiring minds want to know so they can stay married.
12:08 We are going to Casa Bonita.
18:30 My wife makes magic with Tyrone Braxton and we’re both pretty excited about it.

The Scary Kind of Gas



It is this episode where we take an earnest look at self promotion. How do you deal with the self promoter in your life? Is your self promotion shameless or building capital? Along the lines of promoting, we talk Broncos and their chances in this winnowed field of competitors.

And then we go deep: In America we celebrate Martin Luther King, jr., but we don’t seem keen on actually discussing the violence that ended his life. And we really really need to talk about Porter Ranch. That’s getting scary.

Paco O’ Paco


  • There’s a morning spiral that begins with icy windshields.
  • Coloradoans question their locale in the cold of the winter and the stink of the mutt.
  • A man loses it on an airplane but perhaps it’s all of us who’ve lost it online.
  • Powerball is worth billions, perhaps more than the sum net worth of all those who play it.
  • All is not bad or spinning downward. Right now there’s someone making an Internet tutorial to help.