No (Apu) Filter



All our podcasts are the approximate length of the average Denver commute, so we’re counting on you being captive for the entire thing. If you want to be a smarter, more enlightened person then you should listen. Seriously, you’ll be better for it.

00:00 – 3:36 – Where we intro this beauty and discuss the throngs of people listening. It’s more fun than that really competitive guy who’d injure your grandmother during croquet.

4:10 – 9:30 – What in the heck is a Caucus?

9:45 – 12:50 – Bernie. Hillary. Who will it be? And, of course, Trump.

12:52 – 14:30 – Important political addendum WITH JINGLE

14:40 – Sit back and get lit. Like illuminated lit. You can get drink lit, too, unless you’re part of the commute. But you’re going to want to hear our first ever guest, Neeti Pawar, turn our white world on it’s pasty head.

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