The recent Denver homeless challenge


This is the groundbreaking Episode 11 where we test the effusive properties of Miller Light tallboys. Spoiler: strong.

We have a guest, and not just any guest, but Cathy Alderman from the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless who gives meaningful depth and solutions to homelessness in Denver (and beyond.) Hint: It involves treating fellow humans like fellow humans.

00:00 – 04:48 — Fatherhood. It’s more difficult than it looks. As are three-letter last names.

05:20 – 13:40 — The most amazing coincidence in this rabid world.

13:55 – end — Cathy Alderman, VP of Communications and Public Policy, Colorado Coalition for the Homeless, puts her path to the White House on turbo by joining us to discuss how to change our community for the better. She’s good. We’re giddy. You’re informed.