Can’t Let It Go


And now we talk about how last week wasn’t a bigger deal. It’s huge, it’s weird, it’s creepy…it has all the trappings of a WB show so we have no idea how you’re not talking about it.

00:00 – 8:35 – My dad was in an orgy and my mom had to tell me about it.

9:00 – 13:10 – This where we discuss the beauty of women, the creepiness of men, and the magic of motherhood. Mothers should get cash tips by random passersby.

13:30 – 17:10 – Taxes. Did you get them done? Or did someone do them for you? Like the Russian mafia, for example.

17:20 – 20:23 – People in Denver going blizzard crazy at King Soopers.

20:30 – end – Aaron has made an important announcement on Craigslist.