Summer of tech


In Episode 18 there’s more useful information than Encyclopedia Britannica.

00:00 – 4:00 We open with the squirrel recap and bring on the man who helped save the day. Also, Aaron lives an amazing life as a drummer.

04:30 – 10:40 Housing. It’s everything in Denver right now, and to add to the home price conversation is the fact that some people only buy houses to rent them out to traveling business folk, vacationers, pot tourists and other transient population. Is that OK?

11:00 – 25:20 Scott Pantall, tech blogger, shares with us the summer of tech. What are the tech events going on this summer in the newly anointed Silicon Mountain. Whether you want to get into tech, learn more about it, or just go to some great parties, Scott’s Summer of Tech is the handy guide to get you there. Learn more on his blog Colorado Tech Weekly.

25:30 – end Scott shares his feedback on Eleventy Twelve and Aaron and Jared offer up where they’ll be performing next.