With special guest Peter Boyles


After weeks of threatening to take actual action in enhancing the show, we finally get a guest of major magnitude.

00:00 – 3:45 But first we must deal with fireworks. And name brand t-shirts. #important.

03:45 – 6:36 – Like true broadcast professionals, we wait until we’re deep into the show to promote a true broadcast professional.

06:50 – 9:00 – A quick discussion of Peter Boyles and the whole point of the conversation: The death of Alan Berg.

09:00 – 15:00 – Boyles gets candid about success in showbiz, politics and that thing that happened with the lanyard. We’re like totally giddy.

15:00 – 26:20 – The story of Alan Berg, Denver broadcaster gunned down by white supremacists.

26:20 – end – Peter Boyles could be the most refreshingly candid person ever.