Denver hot takes and the amazing story of the stolen bike

Today we discuss the latest in Denver and Englewood before engaging in one of the most inspiring stories every told. Someone stole Evan’s bike. His dad was determined to get it back. It’s the story of a Denver dude who finds himself in his own sting operation to get back a bike. It’s awesome and really quite informative.

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If you’ve ever had a bike stolen then you know the futility of ever getting it back. We talk to a Denver guy who defied the odds and ended up in a small sting operation in Commerce City to get his son’s bike. It’s informative and quite entertaining and starts at 15:20.

Other features include: 

Nameless fan in the wild – 03:20

Hot take: Ballpark Neighborhood Park controversy – 04:20

Hot take 2: Tiny homes for homeless – 08:00

Hot take 3: Mall ride obliterates pleasant Meet in the Street – 09:20

DUI Bikes in Englewood – 11:20