Denver parks, I-70, and cute boxes

The Denver podcast keeping you informed since around 2016.

i70 in denver

Today we have much to discuss including Denver parks, local events, frightening your boss and riding moose. This podcast is mostly about Denver, but occasionally it’s about the tiny details that make our timeline on this rock even more interesting. Please enjoy the following timeline:

00:00 – 02:00 Disparaging Aaron.

02:00 – 3:50 Gigs. The gigs that we’re gigging. Including events for IOS and Android developers.

03:50 – 06:50 Boxes. We love cute boxes. Boxy things where we can put stuff.

06:50 – 09:00 More gigs including Write Club.

09:20 – 14:20 Google YouTube people give us a call about scaring people. You have to listen.

14:30 – 19:40 Hot Take #1: John talks parks and RiNo and painting barrels.

19:40 – 21:30 Englewood’s new surf park on the Platte. Would you get into the Platte?

21:30 – 24:40 Hot take #3: The battle over I-70 and flooding. And fairies.

24:40 – 26:00 A hot take for Noel Worden.

26:00 – end Walden needs people to attend a meeting, tennis courts. And an awkward exit.

here’s that Whole Foods Parking lot video from Cherry Creek.