Things To Do In Denver When You’re Not Dead


It’s the episode that we’ve threatened to do: find a newcomer to Denver and see how we can help them acclimate. Today, we talk to Nicholas Young. He’s just moved his family out here from Chicago. We share our Denver advice on everything from fashion to beer. You may want to chime about any place you think we’ve fallen short.

00:00 – 04:00 And intro to the show and many giggles of merit.

04:00 – 0:700 An introduction of our guest, who’s new to Denver.

07:00 – 10:10 Ideas on how not to suffer Denver’s bus system and the nightmare of I-70.

10:10 – 14:50 On how to handle weed in Colorado.

14:50 – 18:11 Socks with sandals.

18:11 – 25:20 Cuisine. Root Down gets a beet down and some other advice on Denver eateries.

25:20 – end Beer recommendations. And we poke fun at IPA. Oh, and how not to be an ass in general.