2016 Year In Review

We’ve been talking about getting Eric Lubbers on our show for months.
He’s the crafty wordsmith behind the Mile High Roundup, the news and
entertainment brief that’s emailed to a growing number of informed
readers. And guess what? Here he is for our Year in Review! 2016 has
been considered a less than ideal trip around the sun, but Mr. Lubbers
has some surprises to warm your heart and make you wonder where
exactly David Bowie used to hang out in Denver. He joins at 16:40.
The breakdown:

00:00 – 02:20 – An intro and follow up on the tiny raptor in the house.

02:20 – 07:00 – Will Mr. Lubbers be better in person than Tom Cruise?

07:00 – 13:40 – Carrying on a Peruvian Grudge.

14:00 – 16:40 – Just a quick check. How are we doing? Are we Carrot Top?

16:40 – End – Eric Lubbers is Denver’s liver. He detoxifies the
steaming mound of everyday information into the Mile High Roundup.
It’s short, it’s fun and it’s going to make you an even better person.
Sign up at www.denverpost.com/roundup.

Lubbers discusses: Pizzagate, pleasant surprises, dead famous people,
bored living people, common grounds, hope for actual news, umlauts,
and pretty much the best possible conversation to end an unpresidented