You Can’t Lead A Thought


00:00 – 03:38 An introduction to our Denver Podcast and of course brief unveiling of our mechanical soul. #ThoughtLeader

03:50 – 10:20 It seemed an open and shut case: let people buy booze at grocery stores. But then the local liquor stores bring up a pretty good point. You may want to crack open a beverage for this one. *****Nostalgia Warning: 3.2 beer sales for high school seniors.******

10:30 – 16:30 Don’t get this guy a common, universal symbol of joy. Nena could be a German terrorist (veiled balloon joke; you have to listen to get it.)

16:35 – 21:40 We bring in Baader-Meinhof to discuss something like an M. Night Shyamalan phenomenon: are we seeing more stoned people? Not something to be paranoid about, stoned people, but you’re either everywhere or it’s all in our head.

21:40 – The end. A bet is placed on next week’s subscriber count.