Don’t Blink. You’ll Miss It.


Today we bring you yet another cornucopia of audio enlightenment. We had thought we’d lost a fixture of the Denver community, but it turns out he was already gone. From there we gather ourselves and get through this thing called life (or in this case, a podcast.)

0:00 – 2:44 Blinky will never truly die, the warm feels of the greenhouse effect, and let’s talk Prince.

3:08 – 7:00 Aaron does a rare Templer Tantrum about Prince and the industry formerly known as solvent.

7:10 – 11:45 In Denver you can get totally stoned and then a train will cart you to the airport. The future is now.

12:00 – 13:50 Just some insider audio into the making of a great podcast. And this one. That actor’s name is Eric Bogosian.

14:00 – 15:40 Thank you, Scott. #knife

15:50 – An event so amazing that this should have gone at the front.